Install Windows Fonts on Arch Jan 23rd 2021 Words: 221
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The package from AUR is ttf-ms-win10

Unfortunately, you cannot install this package directly due to license restriction of the fonts.

The installation instruction can be found in PKGBUILD

Clone AUR Repository

git clone --depth=1 /tmp/ttf-ms-win10/

Install Tools Required

sudo pacman -S p7zip wimlib

Extract WIM from Windows ISO

7z e ./Win10_20H2_v2_English_x64.iso -o/tmp/ sources/install.wim 

Extract Fonts From WIM File

wimextract /tmp/install.wim 1 /Windows/{Fonts/"*".{ttf,ttc},System32/Licenses/neutral/"*"/"*"/license.rtf} --dest-dir /tmp/ttf-ms-win10/

Build and Install Package

cd /tmp/ttf-ms-win10/

makepkg -si

Some fonts are missing in my copy of Windows (e.g., holomdl2, corbel, chandra, …): It seems that Microsoft distributes some fonts only with some Windows versions. You can just comment out the corresponding line in the PKGBUILD and then build with “makepkg –skipchecksums”.

Some fonts have different checksums: We keep the checksums synchronized with our own Windows installations that are regularly updated. Different Windows versions, different ISOs etc. may contain fonts in different versions/variants. Just build the package using “makepkg –skipchecksums”.


rm /tmp/ttf-ms-win10 /tmp/install.wim -r

Download the fonts extracted from Windows10 20H2 V2 English if you want to cut off the repeated labor